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Facts about Tacha and Mercy #BBNaija2019? (Photos)


Facts about Tacha and Mercy #BBNaija2019? (Photos)

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About the BBNaija Stars


Tacha always wanted to be with Big Brother Naija. It’s no surprise that choosing as housemate this season is the highlight of her life.

The 23-year-old native Rivers State lives her life as her favorite musician Cardi B; Do no harm but take no mess”. Tacha was gifted for strategic transfers and chose his cell phone all day. Although the loss of her mother weighs heavily on her, Tacha’s experience taught her that she is as strong as an eagle, one of her favorite animals.


Mercy Eke, 26, is a video vixen and a businesswoman from Lagos. She loves to cook, swim, travel and dance. Despite the setbacks, Mercy is still recovering and doing her best. ““I’m grateful for each and every day. Being alive today is already the highest point of my life”.

When she does not dance, do not sing and do not hit, Mercy takes the time to eat her favorite dish: white rice and pepper soup.If she had Millions of dollars on her account, Sugar would still be in the game BB Naija ? “Yes, I would, I want fame, popularity is very important to my business.”


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