Human Flesh To Be Serve As Menu In A New York Restaurant (Details)

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A newly opened restaurant inside the metropolis limits is boasting the nation’s first license to serve human flesh on the menu. The restaurant, merely referred to as SKIN, acquired a license after petitioning the state and federal governments over laws in opposition to cannibalism.

“As a species, we’re on the prime of the meals chain, and the one meat left to deal with was different humans,” mentioned SKIN proprietor Mario Dorcy, a 4-star Michelin chef. “We battled lengthy and arduous to have the ability to serve human meat in our restaurant, and the government lastly conceded that had been had been in the correct.”

Dorcy says that he has been combating cannibal ordinance laws for over 10 years, and was lastly given the green-light after he promised that the meat that was used would solely come from individuals who had donated their our bodies particularly to his restaurant, realizing full effectively that they might be eaten.

“We now have to maintain meticulous data, and there’s a lot of paperwork somebody has to fill out earlier than they die, and earlier than they are often eaten,” mentioned Dorcy. “We do pay handsomely for physique donations, although, and the cash can be used for something, since funeral bills turn into zero once you donate your body to be eaten.”

Dorcy says that there are many dishes on the menu that don’t embody human meat, however these leery of the method shouldn’t order in any respect.

“Identical to on these packages of candies with allergy warnings that say ‘the machines are also used to make gadgets with nuts,’ our utensils are additionally used to prepare dinner human meat,” mentioned Dorcy. “So don’t are available in case you’re not down with what we do.”

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